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Disc Plough

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Disc plough is a modern farming tool that cultivates the soil by eliminating unwanted weed and remainders of previous crops.

It is called disc plough because it uses concave iron or steel discs arranged in section. The concavity of the discs makes is easier for the soil to loosen up and make way for fresh plantation. These ploughs will chop the soil to clumps and unnecessary weeds are removed and the soil gets clear and ready for plantation again.

In olden times, the ploughs were driven by horses but the ploughs of today are mainly tractor-driven. Modern ploughs are raised hydraulically and some even have side sections which can go up so that transportation or storage becomes easier. Disc ploughs are also great for rain-fed areas as ploughing with disc ploughs provide extra safeguarding against erosion.

We deal in all sorts of ploughs, including disc ploughs. For smaller tractors, we supply ploughs controlled with a spring loaded floating rear furrow wheel so the tool remains straight and easy to maneuver around.

The disc angle is also adjustable. This allows for effective penetration according to soil’s condition.

The plough we provide can also be re-greased as it has re-greasable taper roller bearings.

In addition to disc angle, The scrapers are also adjustable, which ensures the cleanliness of discs at all times. Our ploughs also provide Cat I and II linkage.

Frame type Tabular Seamless steel pipe
Number of furrow 2, 2+1, 3, 3+1 , 4,4+1
Furrow width 254mm
Max.working depth 300mm
Longitudinal clearance 522mm
Furrow wheel dia 508mm
Plain discs 660mm-inside or outside bevel Taper roller
Tractor Compatibility 50-85Hp