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Reaper is a tool that is used to cut and gather the crops during the time of harvest. In early days, reaping was a completely manual process which involved human hands and scythes but since 19th century, the process has become mechanized and now specialized reapers have replaced the troubles of humans and increased the productivity.

Mechanized reapers were developed around 1872 and were known as reaper-binder. They used to reap the crops and then bind them into sheaves. They soon became a hit after and by 1896, there were around 0.4 million reapers harvesting the grain and banana fields.

Reapers again evolved into swather and even the combine harvester of today is an evolved reaper.

But Old fashioned reapers have been popular since – especially in third-world and underdeveloped countries. They are also being used in small-medium farms in industrialized countries too.

Because of versatility of fields, need for special kinds of reapers also arose. Farmers harvesting sensitive crops like rice demand something that is tailor-made for the job. Owing to their needs, different variations of this add-on have appeared which maximize the yield and keep the collateral damage minimum.

With Aeco Export Parts, you can now get all kinds of reapers for your farming tasks.