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Basically, a Rotavator prepares the land for the next plantation. Rotavator is an important tool because it sows the soil so the farmer can plant effectively and save his fuel and time.

Rotavators are used to turn over rough part of the land. Changing the face of the ground actually helps in turning the face of productivity. Very swiftly it has become a fundamental tool in a gardener’s cache.

With one of these, a gardener can work with virtually any kind of soil. The different types of these rotavators allow farmers to work on a small area of land like a garden or turn over rough terrains in a huge field.

The different types mentioned above include small sized gardening rotavators which are ideal for small flower beds and mini vegetable beds; frontline rotavators which are medium sized and rear line rotavators which run on fuel and are best suited for heavy-duty job.

These rotavators are available at AECO Export Company but one needs to thoroughly understand his need before going out because in agriculture, the best rotator is the right one.

Farmers can get any kind of ratavator from our site but knowing what is the size of the land and desired depth are two essential factors in a rotavator’s purchase.

Rotavator Specifications:

Availability of Blades 36, 42, 48, 54, 60, 66
Linking System 3.1 through PTO drive