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Swinging Draw Bar

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The swinging draw bar is an excellent tool to use in the field. It is great for towing load, farm implements and other vehicles as well. Swinging draw bar can be easily attached to a tractor under the centre axle.

Once the right drawbar is attached to axle,the other end can be used on the load or the implement so it could be easily drawn or dragged around the field.

Drawbars can vary in sizes and can attend to different weight categories. We have drawbars that are compatible with all tractors ranging from 50 to 85 HP. Our drawbars also work with both 2WD and 4WD machines.

Drawbars with sub-standard material or design can be more damaging to equipment and your farm rather than productive. But our swinging draw bars are in compliance with British Standards. They have Clevis hitch point at 14 inch from the power take off shaft, they can support the max static load of 771kf or 1700 pounds (998 kg or 2200 pounds for outer position) and they are easily adjustable to centre line of PTO.