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TD 95 s (105 HP) (Power Steering)

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Fiat New Holland Tractor TD 95 S is a unique and exclusive tractor due to its exceptional features.

It is an easy to operate and cost-effective tractor builds by New Holland. It’s easy and high efficiency operation allows the user to perform the work quickly and diligently.

Its few features are:

  • Highly lift capacity at ball ends with arms horizontal.
  • Powerful Engine @ 2500 rpm with torque at 1500 rpm.


Fiat New Holland Tractor TD 95 S Detail Specification is given below:

New Holland TD 95 S


No. of cylinders/aspiration 4/TC
Emission levell Tier I
Capacity (cm3) 3908
Bare x Stroke (mm) 104 x 115
Max.engine power @ 2500 rpm (kW/hp/cv) –ISO TR 14396 78.3/105/106
Rated engine speed (rpm) 2500
Max, torque at 1500 rpm (Nm) 350
Synchro shuttle TM transmission – 30kph
Number of gears (F-R) 12 x 12
Synchro shuttle TM transmission w/creeper -30 kph)
Number of gears (F-R) 20 x 12
Synchro shuttle TM transmission – 30kph
Number of gears (F-R) N/A
Flexion Bar TM lowers link draft sensing
Rear linkage category I-II
Mechanical lift with Lift –O-Matic TM )
Position, draft, mixed and float controls
Main pump flow -standard (I pm) 40
Main pump flow – Mega flow TM (I pm) 51.7°
Steering pump flow (I pm) 26.5
Max. Number 3
Maximum lift capacity at ball ends with arms horizontal (kg) 3565
Continuous lift capacity through the range  
(6 10mm behind bar ends) (kg) 2700
Engine speed at  
540 rmp (rmp) 2200
540 economy rmp (rmp) 1715
1000 rmp (rmp) 2380
PTO activation Mechanical
A overall length 2WD / 4WD (mm) 4004-3948
B wheelbase 2WD / 4WD (mm) 2331-2275
C Total height rops (mm) 2558
D Front track width 2WD (mm) 1405-1905
D Front track width 4WD (mm) 1560-2000
E Rear track width (mm) 1400-2000
F Ground clearance. Front axle lowest 2WD / 4WD (mm) 575-465
Total weight 2WD w/o ballast 2820
Total weight 4WD w/o ballast 3250
Total weight 2WD w/ ballast 3600
Total weight 4WD w/ ballast 4030


AECO offer optional tractor equipment like Mirrors Front and Rear, Front Weights and Nine-Hole Drawbars, Power take-off pulleys (PTO), Roll-over Protections System (ROPS), Trailer Hooks, Fiber-Glass Canopies, Pintle Hooks and Hydraulic Valves.