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Tine Tillers

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Tine Tillers are a kind of farm implement used for piercing the soil which aerates the soil, making it smoother so the growing process can get more effective. Tillers are used to loosen seedbed and also as weed killers.

Small tillers are used by single human whereas a large tiller will require a pulling machine, such as a tractor to till the field. Small tillers work best in small gardens or lawns while heavy-duty tine tillers are suitable for fields and require a two-wheel or a four-wheel vehicle.

In two-wheel machines, they are attached and powered by couplings and in four-wheeled tractor; they are attached via 3 point hitch and driven by PTO.

Tines that are spring loaded can break pressure of more than 160 kg, cross the obstacles and return to its position without hurting the depth. Attached shovels penetrate deep, allowing flexing action to break the lumps and prepare the field for a big yield.

Tine Tillers are different from harrows in a sense that they disturb the soil in a rather careful pattern compared to harrows which might affect crops as well.

These tillers are also different from plows as they do not sink their blades too deep into the soil and hence work efficiently even with lesser power.

At our farm implements page, you can find all of these tillers. Specifically, we also provide a variety in widths, i.e 9, 11, 13 and 15 tines.

 Numbers of Tines  9  11  13 
 Linkage Category  I  I & II  I & II
 Frame  Round Steel Torsion  Tubes  Round Steel Torsion Tubes  Round Steel Torsion Tubes
 Overall Width  2180 mm  2900 mm  2900 mm
 Overall Length  813 mm  813 mm  813 mm
 Tine Spacing

 178 mm

 229 mm

 229 mm

 254 mm

 229 mm  254 mm
 Overall Height  1.02 m  1.02 m  1.02 m
 Cultivating Width  1880 mm  2590 mm  2790 mm
 Max. Working Depth  229 mm  229 mm  229 mm
 Weight  209 kgs  236 kgs  266 kgs
 Type Of Tines Shovels  Spring Loaded - 51 mm reversible point    
 Tractor Compatibility  25 - 36 Hp  35 -55 Hp  60 - 85 Hp